Puggle Dogs 101 Facts Information Most Popular Dog Breeds – Animal Facts

Please watch: “Best Christmas Presents for Dogs 2017- Animal Facts” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnbjEcm_c0Q –~– Puggle Dogs 101 Facts and …


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  1. My Puggle Kobe has so much energy and follows me everywhere. He hikes with me and has selective hearing, as in only listens when he feels like it:) always sleeps at the side of me completely buried under his blankets:)

  2. I have a puggle she is sooooooo cute she's still a pup and when we give her a bath she whimpers its so cute but sad when one of us leaves my brother or me or my mom or dad and my sis she whimpers too.and the whole family loves her I can tell:)I love little Lulu!shes also more of a pug then a beagle and most of the people in the comments should understand the love of an adorable puppy or doggy in their lives:)

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